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This is why shorts are awesome.

Short, to the point, simple, and most importantly, fun! I liked it because it was so solidly put together, and was just plain neat. Sometimes a short works out better than a huge cartoon ever could.

Bringing it to life.

Oh man, I can't believe how well the animation worked. I mean this in the sense that it feels like I'm looking at a little person acting on the screen. The cat has so much life in it, and to keep that up all the way through, along with the lip-synching, is nothing short of spectacular.

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A Good Romp

Pretty solid stuff. I think what really struck me the most was how... "whole" it was, and well put together, from the timing to the dialogue. You really put a lot of work into it, and it shows. I think more episodes from you are going to be better and better, and show even more polish, so keep it up.

diamond-armada responds:

Glad you take interest into my series :P well you'll be glad to know that 3 more characters are being introduced :P I just need to find voice actors :O lol anyway, glad yu liked it :D

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Fun and stylish.

I really loved the animation during the games, and the style of the world was really fun too. Great job, and can't wait to see more!

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Done in one shot...

These are usually my favorite kind of games, but without variables in the level, and the fact that once you reach 221 you've done the best you can, it's just not worth playing anymore. Maybe if there were boosts, or even if you could go over the limit, it'd be fun, but after one shot, there's no reason to play again. Though, on the plus side, the production values are pretty high.

So, this whole animation thing is something I love, and so far, I think I'll keep doing it.

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